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Fayo - FIL 2010.jpg
Fayo in concert at the Interceltic Festival of Lorient in 2010.
Background information
Birth name Mario LeBlanc
Also known as Fayo
Born 1977
Origin Dieppe, New Brunswick, Canada
Genres folk, rock
Instruments Guitar
Website Fayo.ca

Mario LeBlanc (born 1977) better known under his stage name Fayo (transl. bean), is an Acadian musician born in Dieppe, New Brunswick.[1] As many artists from south eastern New Brunswick, Fayo sings in chiac, the local French dialect mixing French words with English grammar, and vice versa. His music is a blend of folk, rock and urban poetry.


Fayo started writing songs at the age of thirteen. He then sang for the Acadian band Réveil until 1996. In 1999, he would write an Acadian poetry book entitled Taches de naissance (transl. Birthmarks).

Soon after, he would start his solo career. In 2000, he won the singer-songwriter of the year award at the Gala de la Chanson de Caraquet (fr) for his album La fiève des fèves (transl. Bean Fever).[2] He then goes on tour with two of his friends, Rémi Arsenault (contrabass) and Steven LeBlanc (guitar). Also in 2000, he won the Prix Éloizes (fr) as "Newcomer of the Year" (Découverte de l'Année).

In 2006, Fayo would record his second album Accent Aigu (transl. Acute Accent).

Fayo worked with Bosnian singer Lepa Brena on her 2011 album, Začarani krug. He composed the music for the song "Briši me" with Hajrudin Hari Varešanović.


La fiève des fèves (2001)
No. Title Length
1. "Chico Harico"   3:52
2. "Le chat mangera pas ma langue"   4:31
3. "Attendre en vain"   5:29
4. "Le mythe du masque à Ray"   5:48
5. "Identité"   5:36
6. "Le téléphone sonne"   4:06
7. "Stove pipe city"   2:47
8. "Sa mess"   5:26
9. "La toune de blues"   3:28
10. "Tramble bam"   4:46
11. "La ballade d'une firefighter"   5:03
12. "Le culte des cosses"   3:27
13. "Matou"   2:51
14. "Saoul pi stoned"   3:28
Accent aigu (2006)
No. Title Length
1. "J'ai back mové"   3:16
2. "J'ai oublié ton nom"   3:53
3. "Dans la ville"   3:56
4. "Le lac a débordé"   4:02
5. "Une bombe qui tombe"   3:03
6. "Marie-Mai"   3:57
7. "Jean sans abri"   4:03
8. "J'aime ça quand tu me love"   4:13
9. "Les gambling blues"   3:09
10. "La Mariecomo"   4:12
11. "Mon été"   3:07
12. "La toune à Guy"   5:20



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