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Mary Beth's Bean Bag World, originally Mary Beth's Beanie World, was an American monthly magazine dedicated to Beanie Babies and competing plush toys.[1]

The magazine's founder, Mary Beth Sobolewski,[2] developed the magazine into a top seller, known for featuring articles and a secondary market price list for Beanie Babies and similar products during the height of their popularity. The headquarters was in Bannockburn, Illinois.[1]

The first issue of Mary Beth's Bean Bag World went on sale in October 1997 and had a circulation of 177,000.[3] It was originally planned as a one-time publication, but based on its success, the publisher decided to produce it quarterly. [3] The second issue sold 444,045 copies.[3] By the time it was one of the top sellers at newsstands, the magazine was being released monthly.[3] The magazine's publisher, H & S Media,[1] eventually filed for bankruptcy. The final issue was published in August 2001.[3]


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