Mary Nótár

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Mary Notar
Birth name Nótár Mária
Born (1985-07-02)July 2, 1985
Occupation(s) Romani music; Hungarian pop
Instruments vocals
Years active 2002-present
Labels Body Gusti Producer; Magic World Media

Mary Nótár (born July 2, 1985 in Hungary) is a singer of the Romani ethnic group of the country of her birth. She featured in a travelling music festival called Roma Sztárparádé. After the Hungarian custom of quoting a person's family name first, her name is often seen and heard as "Nótár Mary". She hails from the Hungarian village of Taktaharkány. Her step father is known to be Nótár Ferenc.[1] Notar started her career at the age of 12, before moving to Budapest.[2][3][4]

Nótár was discovered in a talent show by Bódi Guszti in 2001, after which she was offered a record deal releasing her first album Egyszer egy éjszaka at age 16, and soon after, her second titled Hajnalcsillag.

In 2004 her 3rd album Jeges szív reached "gold status". Her next album was Roma Sztárparádé. After that, she produced two more duet albums with Bódi Csaby.

Nótár made a solo album in 2007 Cigánylány which featured among the ten most popular albums in Hungary.[5]

In 2008 she released a new album Hódító varázs.[6]