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Mashup may refer to:

  • Mashup (culture), the rearrangement of spliced parts of musical pieces as part of a subculture
  • Mashup (education), combining various forms of data and media by a teacher or student in an instructional setting
  • Mashup (music), a song or composition created by blending two or more pre-recorded songs
  • Mashup (video), a video that is edited from multiple sources to appear unified
  • Mashup novels, a type of fiction combining pre-existing literature with other genres to create a single narrative
  • Mashup (web application hybrid), a web application that combines content from more than one source in a single graphical interface
  • "Mash-Up" (Glee), the eighth episode of the American television series Glee, first aired in 2009
  • Mash Up (TV series), a 2012 American television show on Comedy Central starring T.J. Miller

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