Master of Thunder

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Master of Thunder
Directed byKenji Tanigaki
Produced byShigeyuki Yasumura, Masato Onishi, Nana Kurata
Written byKenji Tanigaki, Mao Aoki
StarringSonny Chiba, Yasuaki Kurata, Ayumi Kinoshita
Music byKoji Kikkawa, Tokusatsu
CinematographyRyo Serizawa
Edited byDaisuke Yoshimoto
Distributed byAmuse Soft Entertainment
Release date
  • 2006 (2006)
Running time
92 minutes

Master of Thunder, also known as Legend of Seven Monks or Master of Thunder: Kessen!! Fuuma ryuuko-den (マスター・オブ・サンダー 決戦!! 封魔龍虎伝), is a 2006 Japanese martial-arts film starring Sonny Chiba.


For 1400 years, Spiritual Guardians have watched over the mountains of Japan and defeated the evil spirits there. The nearby Kikyo Temple is rumored to have been the home of these legendary Guardians known as the "Blue Seven Dragons." Only two survivors of the long battle between good and evil remain, the martial monks Santoku (Yasuaki Kurata) & Genryu (Sonny Chiba). Now the fate of the world must be decided once and for all in a final ferocious battle between the force of good and evil.

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