Elsey National Park

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Elsey National Park
Northern Territory
IUCN category II (national park)[1]
Elsey National Park 0416.svg
Map of Elsey National Park
Nearest town or cityMataranka
Area138.96 km2 (53.7 sq mi)[1]
Managing authorities
WebsiteElsey National Park
See alsoProtected areas of the Northern Territory

Elsey is a national park in the Northern Territory of Australia,[2] extending from 2 km to 19 km east of Mataranka and 378 km southeast of Darwin.[3]

Features of the park include Mataranka Falls,[4] and the “Mataranka Thermal Pools”[5][6]

The thermal springs are home to a well known colony of the little red fruit-bat, species Pteropus scapulatus, an attraction that has also been discouraged from inhabiting the site for the strong odour of their camps. These fruit eating bats roost during the day at the stands of bamboo, often in large numbers, and leave at night to feed on nectar from trees.[7]

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Coordinates: 14°57′16″S 133°11′11″E / 14.95444°S 133.18639°E / -14.95444; 133.18639

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