The Four Postmen

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The Four Postmen
OriginLos Angeles, California
Years active1992 –
MembersKen Weiler
Geoff Dunbar
Matt Kaminsky
Brett Pearsons
Stefan Marks

The Four Postmen is a Los Angeles–based rock group that consists of five band members. Featuring electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards, drums, bass, and an emphasis on three-part vocal harmony, their live show is highly energetic and theatrical, complete with non-stop comic banter between songs. Sometimes compared to Barenaked Ladies,[1] GQ Magazine prefers to call them, "The Seinfeldesque Monkees".[2]

They formed in 1992 and in 1996 were signed to a development deal with NBC Studios to create a TV show based on their group. The band has performed on NBC's Friday Night Videos, Fox's Futurama, MTV's Undressed, and has composed original music for NBC's Thrillogy Series as well as several independent feature films. They have four full-length albums: U.S. Male (1993), Looking For Grandpa (1997), Hit Record (2001), and What The Hell Happened (2004).

On November 6, 2007, The Four Postmen headlined a fundraiser for Reading to Kids at the Temple Bar in Santa Monica.[3]


Ken Weiler - "Postman #1" - Vocals/Electric Guitar[edit]

Ken's mother was born in Belgium. His father was born in the Bronx. Ken was conceived in Louisville, Kentucky but born in Los Angeles, California. When Ken was a boy, his parents took him to see folk music concerts. Ken writes adult-themed comedy songs and you'll see him doing solo gigs at comedy clubs and brothels.

Matt Kaminsky - "Postman #2" - Vocals/Keyboards[edit]

Matt married actress Dotty Coloroso on June 18, 1994. He and his wife have two children: Madison (a girl) and Connor (a boy). In addition to playing with the Four Postmen, Matt is an actor. He's been on television, film, and has voiced many radio commercials, CD ROMs, and occasional cartoon characters. If you're interested in what he's done you can view his credits on the Internet Movie Database.

Stefan Marks - "Postman #3" - Vocals/Acoustic Guitar[edit]

Not Steven or Stephan or Stephen or anything with a "PH". It's S-T-E-F-A-N. "F". It's not pronounced "Ste-FAWN". It's pronounced "Steffin". It's not spelled S-t-e-f-f-i-n, but it is pronounced that way. His "real" job is voice-over work for television and radio commercials, CD ROM games and the occasional animation gig. In his "free" time he writes and directs plays. His long-term goal is to write and direct films. Musical influences: Uh... talk radio?

Geoff Dunbar - "Postman #4" - Drums[edit]

Professional studio drummer, composer, college professor and recording engineer. Does amazing tricks while playing his drums. Has a vast collection of vintage drums.

Brett Pearsons - "Postman #5" - Bass[edit]

If he wasn't playing bass or acting or writing, he'd either be a toy maker or a mortician. He once drove with a cat inside his SUV engine from North Hollywood to Santa Monica.

Favorite movies: The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover; Delicatessen; Heavenly Creatures; American Beauty; Seven; Midnight Run; The Exorcist.


U.S. Male (1993)[edit]

  • There Are Things
  • Dragon
  • Are Ya Listnin'?
  • I Asked You
  • I Always Wanted To Be...
  • Sun
  • Indian
  • Yes I'm Lucky
  • All I Know Is I Like You
  • Blood Suckin' Postman
  • 31 Cents
  • Praise
  • I'm Your Man
  • Red Hot Rap
  • Miles & Miles
  • Farm Boys
  • Hazy Day
  • Fish
  • Used To... I Don't Know
  • Mailman Song
  • Rabbit Valley

Looking For Grandpa (1997)[edit]

  • Where's My River?
  • In The Pouch of a Kangaroo
  • Four Years of High School Spanish
  • The Lobster Quadrille
  • The Pied Piper
  • I've Gotta Tan...
  • What I Am
  • Indian
  • She's 17...
  • I Wanna Dance
  • It's All About Me
  • Catbox
  • Baby Jesus
  • What Can I Do?
  • I Bought You Dinner...
  • Rabbit Valley
  • I'm Your Man
  • Lost Vegas

Hit Record (2001)[edit]

  • Sleep
  • What's Your Favrit #, Baby?
  • Pornostar
  • Now
  • (The) Chainsaw Juggler
  • Dinner Of Love
  • Gentleman A
  • I'd Have To Be Drunk
  • I Got My Eye On You
  • I Want My Money Back
  • Let Me Make You Smile In Bed
  • M-A-L-E Man
  • She Is Walking Away
  • Something To Squeeze
  • There Are Things
  • When Man Was A Monkey
  • Why? How? Who?
  • (The) Horrible Movie Song

What the Hell Happened? (2004)[edit]

  • The Three Postmen
  • Corn
  • Forgive Me, Love
  • No Banjo!
  • The Dirty Show
  • A Gentleman's Heart
  • I Asked You
  • Joke Band
  • Girl Take Me From Behind
  • The Lemon Tree
  • Thump
  • Co-Dependent
  • Geoff Speaks
  • The Drinking Song
  • The Underwear Song
  • A Piece of Ass
  • I'm Gonna Die
  • My Christian Love
  • No One Thinks the Way I Do
  • Thanks
  • Get Off The Stage!

″5-Pack: Volume 1″ (2007)[edit]

  • The Karaoke King
  • Bed A' Nails
  • Drivin' Me
  • Coffee Girl
  • Parachute

″5-Pak: Vol. 2″ (2012)[edit]

  • Man V Woman
  • Dr. Tell Me
  • Bug
  • Bloodline
  • Procrastinate
  • Assembly Line


The Four Postment wrote original music for the feature film The Sky is Falling and all band members were cast in the movie.


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