Matthew, Count of Foix

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Mathew of Foix
Count of Foix
Reign 1391–1398
Born c. 1363 or after
Died August 1398
Noble family Foix
Spouse(s) Joanna of Aragon
Father Roger Bernard IV, Viscount of Castelbon
Mother Gerauda of Navailles

Matthew (c. 1363 – 1398) was a Count of Foix and French military leader. In 1391 he succeeded Gaston Phoebus, his first cousin once removed, as Count of Foix. He contested Martin I of Aragon for the throne of Aragon after Martin succeeded John I of Aragon in 1396. His wife Joanna was the elder daughter of John I of Aragon, but she died childless.


Matthew, Count of Foix
Cadet branch of the House of Foix
Born: circa 1363 or after Died: August 1398
French nobility
Preceded by
Gaston III
Count of Foix
Viscount of Béarn

Succeeded by
Isabella & Archambaud
Preceded by
Lord of Navailles and Sault
Preceded by
Roger Bernard IV
Viscount of Castelbón
Aragonese occupation