Mäxmüd of Kazan

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Mäxmüd Khan (pronounced [mæxˈmyt]); in Russian chronicles Махмутек (Makhmutek); ?-1467) was a ruler (khan) of the Khanate of Kazan from 1445 – 1466. He was an elder son of Oluğ Möxämmäd, and is reputed to be one of the khanate's founders. He participated in his father's campaigns against Muscovy. In 1445, he won the battle of Suzdal and took captive the Grand Duke of Moscow Vasily II, forcing Russia to pay tribute (yasak). After the death of Oluğ Möxämmäd, Mäxmüd succeeded to Kazan's throne. In December 1446 he supported Vassily II to dethrone Dmitry Shemyaka. In 1448 he attacked Moscow to preserve advantageous treaty conditions that were concluded after the battle of Suzdal. In that period, the Qasim Khanate, governed by Mäxmüd's relatives, was created as a buffer-state between Muscovy and the Khanate of Kazan.

Preceded by
Oluğ Möxämmäd
khan of Kazan Khanate
Succeeded by