Mayabazar (1995 film)

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Directed byKeyaar
Written byPrasanna Kumar (dialogues)
Story byPanchu Arunachalam
Produced byMeena Panju Arunachalam
Suvarna Mathew
Ajay Rathnam
Edited byB. Lenin
V. T. Vijayan
Music byIlaiyaraaja
P. A. Art Productions
Release date
12 August 1995

Mayabazar (aka Mayabazar 1995) is a 1995 Indian Tamil comedy horror film directed by Keyaar and produced by Meena Panchu Arunachalam. The film stars Ramki and Urvashi in the lead roles. The film score and the soundtrack were composed by film composer Ilaiyaraaja. Suvarna Mathew, Visu, Vivek and Ajay Rathnam were also in main roles.


Suji (Urvashi) is the only daughter of billionaire Vishwanathan (Visu) who plays pranks on the unsuspecting. One such prank she does by conducting an interview for choosing personal secretary for her father in which she chooses Ram (Ramki) as the secretary. Vishwanathan's friend Moorthy (Kitty), manager (Ajay Rathnam) and Swarna want to take over the whole property of Vishwanathan so Moorthy sets up Raja (Kamalesh) to marry Suji. However Suji marries Ram.

Vishwanathan suddenly dies of heart attack and Suji goes to Ooty and is killed by Ram and Moorthy. Suji becomes a ghost and decides to take revenge. Suji witnesses Mayamma (Urvashi), a look-alike who works a fake exorcist and asks her to act as herself. Suji witnesses that real Ram is kidnapped by the villains and it is Raja whose face was changed as Ram through plastic surgery. All the baddies suspect that she might not be Suji and finds out that she is Mayamma. In the climax, Ram signs all the documents, he brilliantly ties up his look-alike Raja and gets him burnt. Swarna turns insane after seeing a skeleton, Suji possesses Moorthy's body and kills Ajay and in the end Moorthy is hanged.



Music was composed by Ilaiyaraaja and lyrics were written by Vaali and Panchu Arunachalam. The song "Naan Poranthu" is a capella.[1]


New Straits Times wrote that the film "has its own charm, definitely because of Urvasi's personal magic".[2]


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