Medal of Distinguished Service

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Medal of Distinguished Service
עיטור המופת
Medal of Distinguished Service
Awarded by Israel Defense Forces
Type Military decoration
Eligibility Soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces
Awarded for Distinguished Service to Israel
Status Currently awarded
Ribbon 100px
Established 1970

The Medal of Distinguished Service (Hebrew: :‎עיטור המופת) is an Israeli military decoration.


The medal has instituted in 1970 by act of law in the Knesset and could also be awarded also for actions performed before 1970.

The medal is awarded for an act of exemplary bravery in the line of duty.

To date, 600 medals have been awarded, the last in 2007. Five recipients have been awarded the medal twice.


The medal was designed by Dan Reisinger; its shape is circular.

On the front of the medal is a sword with an olive branch, symbolizing controlled strength. The reverse is plain.

The medal is attached to a blue ribbon, with two-time recipients of the medal wearing a small clasp in the form of the medal on its ribbon.

The medal is minted by the Israel Government Coins and Medals Corporation, it is made from 25 gram silver/935 and the clasp is chrome plated metal.

Notable recipients


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