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Meg Snyder
Marie Wilson as Meg.jpg
Marie Wilson as Meg Snyder
As the World Turns character
Portrayed by Jennifer Ashe (1986–89, 1992–93, 1994)
Marie Wilson (2005–10)
Duration 1986–89, 1992–94, 2005–10
First appearance January 1986
Last appearance June 29, 2010
Created by Douglas Marland
Introduced by Robert Calhoun
Classification Former, regular
  • Registered Nurse at Memorial
  • CEO of Montgomery Enterprises
  • Waitress at Al's Diner
  • Private Nurse
  • Registered Nurse
  • Barbara Ryan's Private Nurse
Residence Washington, D.C.

Margaret "Meg" Snyder (previously Reyes, Stricklyn, Montgomery, and Ryan) is a character on the CBS Daytime soap opera, As the World Turns. Meg is known as the grown daughter in the Snyder family, a central family in the fictional town of Oakdale. She was portrayed by Port Charles actress Marie Wilson from 2005 to 2010.


The role of Meg Snyder was originated by actress Jennifer Ashe from January 1986, until the actress left the role in November 1989. Ashe returned to the role on December 22, 1992 and left once more on January 2, 1993. Ashe returned for one final guest run from June 14 to June 21, 1994.

In April 2005, it was announced that former Port Charles actress Marie Wilson was cast to bring the character of Meg back to the series after an eleven-year absence.[1] Wilson debuted in the role on June 16, 2005.

In April 2010, following the cancellation of the series, it was announced that Wilson would exit the series prior to its September 2010 finale.[2] Wilson last aired of Meg Snyder on June 29, 2010. Following her departure, Wilson joined the online webseries The Bay as Isabella Ahmed.[3]


Meg Snyder is the daughter of Emma and Harvey Snyder. She is the sister of Seth Snyder, Iva Snyder Benedict, Caleb Snyder, Elinor "Ellie" Snyder and Holden Snyder. She was involved with Dusty Donovan in the early years and even faked a pregnancy to trap him. Meg married Tonio Reyes, but she had an affair with Josh Stricklyn and became pregnant, losing the baby and had to have a hysterectomy. She later married Josh, and they left town.

She returned to Oakdale in 2005, after eleven years, and began working as a nurse at Memorial Hospital. It was revealed that she and Josh got divorced. She picked up her relationship with Dusty, until it was clear to her that he was really in love with Jennifer Munson. Meg had planned to leave Oakdale, but instead found Paul Ryan in the woods, badly injured from a gunshot wound. Since he was a fugitive, she took him secretly to an abandoned cabin, treated his wounds as a nurse, and took care of him until he was healed. The two fell in love and even became engaged.

Craig Montgomery was released from jail for his role in switching the babies of Jennifer and Gwen Norbeck Munson, and set his eyes set on Meg. She eventually left Paul at the altar, and slept with Craig after losing her job as a nurse in the aftermath of causing a patient's death by her negligence. She married Craig to regain control of Worldwide Industries in order to restore the company to its original owner, Lucinda Walsh. Paul and Meg planned to leave Oakdale as soon as Lucinda had the company, but Craig found out and took Meg on a honeymoon. Craig then drugged Meg and let Paul come to a cliff. Paul falls from the cliff during a fight with Craig. When Paul is assumed dead, Meg continues through with her marriage with Craig, moving on. When Paul appears alive and returns with Craig's ex-wife Rosanna Cabot, the two agree to continue on with their separate lives. Meg then discovers his is pregnant, but having slept with both Craig and Paul, is unknown of who the father of her baby could be. While Paul and Craig were fighting, Meg attempted to break up the fight. Paul, as a result, pushes Meg accidentally, which causes her to miscarry. Meg later divorced Craig, as Rosanna fell back into her comatose state. In the divorce decree, she returned Worldwide Industries to Lucinda.

In July 2008, Meg finally married Paul, nonetheless in a hospital bed, after being admitted for psychotic episodes, brought on by fatigue. After marrying, Meg discovered she was once again pregnant, with Paul's child once again. After finding out that Paul hired a Jennifer look-alike to seduce and distract Dusty, Meg asks for a divorce. A ghostly James Stenbeck convinces Paul to fake an overdose to get her back. Meg, having found a suicide note, went to the cabin they shared when she nursed him back to health and found Paul having overdosed in the chair. After trying to resuscitate him and get him to the car, she goes into labor. She calls Dusty and he takes her to the hospital where she delivers healthy baby, whom she names Eliza. Paul subsequently agreed to Meg's divorce. Dusty then learned that Craig had plans to marry Carly Tenney Snyder in an attempt to take Johnny away from him by proving he had more of a stable family. So to retaliate, Dusty proposed to Meg, a proposal she accepted to help Dusty. The marriage is soon considered invalid.

Meg is committed to Deerbrook Mental Hospital, due to an account by Damian Grimaldi, who made the rejected Meg believe he was leaving Lily for her. Damian later paid a man to turn off the cameras at Deerbrook and told Meg he loved her and was leaving Lily, and paid a doctor to tamper with Meg's medications to keep her unstable.

Upon escaping from Deerbrook, with the help of Paul and his wife, Emily Stewart, Meg goes to find Damian to kill him for keeping her committed. During their struggle, Damian strangles Meg and she falls to the floor. Lily comes back, meanwhile, to argue leaving again with Damian. Months later, following Eliza's christening, Paul agrees to let Meg move back into Fairwinds despite Emily's objections. Meg's delusions continued as she drugged herself with methadone, in order to gain Paul's attention. When left alone, Meg shoots Emily with a gun filled with blanks. She is then admitted into Memorial under psychiatric care. Paul gently encourages her to receive the treatment that she needs. Though he assures her that a part of him will always love her, he cannot follow her on her journey to recovery, but she must push herself to get better for Eliza's sake. Coming to terms with her drug-induced illness and the toxicity of her relationship with Paul, Meg agrees to go with Emma to a treatment facility in Washington, D.C.. Meg leaves Memorial with confidence with her mother and brother Holden by her side.


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