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Narrative clip, as worn, compared with its predecessors
Narrative clip
Maker Memoto AB
Maximum resolution 5 megapixels
Data Port(s) USB 2.0[1]
Dimensions 36 x 36 x 9 mm[1]

Narrative clip (formerly known as Memoto) is a small wearable lifelogging camera, funded via crowd funding site Kickstarter.[2] Development on the camera started in 2012 by Swedish company Memoto AB.[3]

Memoto was featured on Swedish National TV News on February 23, 2013.[4] It was reported to be released in spring, 2013, and automatically to take one picture every 30 seconds while wearing it throughout the day, a practice referred to as "life-logging". The TV feature also raises concerns on integrity and privacy issues, and whether use of the product in public might come into conflict with new proposed photography legislation in Sweden.

Narrative clip devices were getting delivered to Kickstarter backers from around (Chinese) New Year 2014[5] and are now available for purchase.[6]

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