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Mentuhotep (also Montuhotep) is an ancient Egyptian name meaning "Montu is satisfied" and may refer to:


  • Mentuhotep I, nomarch at Thebes during the First Intermediate Period and first king of the 11th Dynasty
  • Mentuhotep II, reunified Egypt at the end of the first intermediate period, thereby starting the Middle Kingdom of Egypt
  • Mentuhotep III, successor of Mentuhotep II
  • Mentuhotep IV, successor of Mentuhotep III, possibly overthrown by Amenemhat I, founder of the Twelfth Dynasty of Egypt
  • Mentuhotep V, a ruler of the late 13th Dynasty during the Second Intermediate Period
  • Mentuhotepi, ruler of the 16th Dynasty in Upper Egypt during the Second Intermediate Period
  • Mentuhotep VI, a ruler of the late 16th Dynasty.