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Meredith D'Ambrosio (born 1941) is an American jazz singer born in Boston, Massachusetts.

D'Ambrosio was born into a musical family and studied piano and voice from age six. She studied at the Boston Museum School in 1958-59, pursuing a career in painting as well as music. She was offered the chance to tour with John Coltrane in Japan in 1966 but turned down the offer; her first major recordings came more than a decade later with her husband Eddie Higgins. She has released copiously on the label Sunnyside Records.


  • Lost in His Arms (Spring, 1978)
  • Another Time (Palo Alto, 1981)
  • Little Jazz Bird (Palo Alto, 1982)
  • It's Your Dance (Sunnyside, 1985)
  • The Cove (Sunnyside, 1987)
  • South to a Warmer Place (Sunnyside, 1989)
  • Love Is Not a Game (Sunnyside, 1990)
  • Sleep Warm (Sunnyside, 1991)
  • Shadowland (Sunnyside, 1993)
  • Beware of Spring! (Sunnyside, 1995)
  • Silent Passion (Sunnyside, 1996)
  • Echo of a Kiss (Sunnyside, 1998)
  • Out of Nowhere (Sunnyside, 2000)
  • Love Is for the Birds (Sunnyside, 2001)
  • Wishing On the Moon (Sunnyside, 2006)