Message (AIDES album)

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Message (AIDES album - cover art).jpg
Studio album by AIDES (charity)
Released 22 February 2010
Recorded 2009
Genre Various artists

Message is a charity album released in February 2010 by AIDES, a French community-based non-profit organisation founded in 1984. The aim of the organization is to bring people living with HIV/AIDS together with their loved ones and peers into an organized entity dedicated to fighting HIV/AIDS and to defend the rights of people and communities affected by this disease.

The album Message had strong participation from 33 artists covering various songs as well as 15 radio personalities.

The song "If" by Collectif Artistes[edit]

The collective of artists performs "If" credited to Collectif Artistes, namely Daniel Powter, M. Pokora, Caroline Costa, Natasha St. Pier, Justin Nozuka, Sofia Essaidi, Lara Fabian, Anggun, Tom Frager, Christophe Willem, Jenifer, Bob Sinclar, Joachim Garraud.

Section "No Comment" by Animateur FM Matinales[edit]

"No comment" is a collection of comments by the French radio personalities of Animateur FM Matinales, including Nikos Aliagas, Mustapha, Florian Gazan, Marc-Olivier Fogiel, Manu Lévy, Laurent Petitguillaume, Stéfan Caza, Christophe Nicolas, Léa Margot, Marc Leval, Bruno Guillon, Philippe Llado et Frédéric Ferrer.

Individual songs[edit]