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Metro Ministries is the world’s largest Sunday School weekly reaching over 21,000 children in New York City and an additional 22,000 in the Philippines, Africa and Romania. Each Saturday there are Sunday School services and they use school buses to pick up the children at their homes. Weekdays, special trucks provide a mobile stage at hundreds of locations. The Metro staff and trained volunteers visit the families of the children every week at their homes. Metro has also organized child sponsorship. For the children who live too far to go to the Sunday School services, they have wandering trucks that stop in areas of the city and where from they produce Sidewalk Sunday School.

Metro Ministries conceived and pioneered the concept of Sidewalk Sunday School. Now duplicated across the world by the thousands of people they have trained since 1980, this program has been proven to be an efficient and effective method of reaching large numbers of children and families on a personal level.

The organization was established in 1980 by Bill Wilson.


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