Metropolitan Routes in East London

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East London, like most South African cities, uses Metropolitan or "M" routes for important intra-city routes, a layer below National (N) roads and Regional (R) roads. Each city's M roads are independently numbered.

These roads naturally interact with East London 's N and R roads. The N2 is a highway that runs from east to west through the town on its northern perimeter. It is South Africa's coastal highway linking East London to Port Elizabeth (via Grahamstown) and Durban. It intersects with the N6 coming from Bloemfontein to the north. This road changes name to the R72 and becomes a highway leading to East London's city centre, after which it veers east/west and becomes the alternative coastal road to Port Elizabeth (via Port Alfred) . The R102 roughly parallels the N2, and is co-signed with the M5, M11 and M10. The R346 runs from King William's Town and ends at the R72 just east of the town.

Table of M roads[edit]

No. Direction Description of Route Suburbs Street Names
M1 North/South R72 (City Centre) - M15 - M4 - M5/R102 - N2 - M11 (Dorchester Heights) CBD, Arcadia, Southernwood, Selbourne, Vincent, Dorchester Heights Oxford St., Union Ave., Western Ave., Two Rivers Dr.
M3 SSE/NNW R72 (City Centre) - M15 - M5 - M16 - R102 (Mdantsane) CBD, Pefferville, Duncan Village, Gompo Town, Buffalo Flats, Haven Hills, Reeston, Mdantsane Buffalo St., North West Expressway, Phoenix St., Ziphunzana Bypass, Mdantsane Access Rd.
M4 East/West M13 (Stirling) - M11 - R72 - M1 (cosigned for one block) - M5 - N2 - R102 (Summer Pride) Stirling, Baysville, Southernwood, Braelynn, Amalinda, Amalinda Forest, Summerpride Gleneagles Rd., Pearce St., Lukin Rd., Union Ave., Amalinda Dr., Main Road Amalinda
M5 NNE/SSW Cosigned with R102 (M11 - M1 - R102) - M4 (cosigned for one block) - M3 - leaves town as the Buffalo Pass - R346 Deveraux Ave., Garcia St., Croydon Rd., French St., Windermere Rd., Main Road Amalinda, Woolwash Rd., Buffalo Pass
M7 NE/SW M11 (Bonnie Doon) - M9 - M8 (Beacon Bay) Bonnie Doon, Beacon Bay Batting Rd.
M8 SE/NW (Cosigned with R102N6 (Nonpumolelo) - M10/R102) - N2 - M7 - M9 - Bonza Bay Beach Nonpumolelo, Beacon Bay Bonza Bay Rd.
M9 First East/West then North/South M7 - M8 Beacon Bay Beaconhurst Dr.
M10 East/West (Cosigned with R102 M8 - R102) - N2 - Gonubie Beach Gonubie Main Rd. (Gonubie)
M11 North/South M4 - R102 (cosigned) - M12 - M7 - under N2 - R102 (end cosigned) - M1 (Dorchester Heights) Stirling, Nahoon, Bonnie Doon, Abbotsford, Nahoon Valley Park, Dorchester Heights Old Transkei Rd., Main Rd. (Abbotsford), Smythelands Rd.
M12 East West M11 - M13 - Nahoon Beach Nahoon Beach Rd.
M13 North/South, U-bend, SSW/NNE R72 (Quigney) - M4 - M12 Quigney, Baysville, Stirling, Nahoon Currie St., Esplanade Rd., John Bailie Rd., Galway Rd.
M14 North/ South then East/West R72 (CBD) - R72 (Arcadia) CBD, Arcadia Cambridge St., Stephenson/North Sts., Commercial Rd.
M15 East/West M3 (CBD) - R72 CBD, Southernwood St. Johns Rd., St. Peters St.
M16 North/South R102 - M3 Mdantsane Billie Rd.
M17 Mdantsane
M18 East/West R72 (CBD) - R72 (Cove Rock area) CBD, West Bank, Cove Rock Dr. Zahn Rd., Bank St., Strand St., Molteno Dr., Prince George Circuit, Parkridge Rd.
M19 North/South R72 (Sunnyridge) - East London IDZ Sunnyridge Chester Rd.
M20 North/South off R72? West Bank area?
M21 East/West M3 - M3 Pefferville, Duncan Village, Gompo Town Douglas Smit Highway
M25 North/South R72 - Kidd's Beach Kidd's Beach Main St. (Kidd's Beach)