Meziadin Junction

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Meziadin Junction
Meziadin Junction is located in British Columbia
Meziadin Junction
Meziadin Junction
Location of Meziadin Junction in British Columbia
Coordinates: 56°06′05″N 129°18′00″W / 56.10139°N 129.30000°W / 56.10139; -129.30000Coordinates: 56°06′05″N 129°18′00″W / 56.10139°N 129.30000°W / 56.10139; -129.30000
Country Canada
Province British Columbia
Area code(s)250 / 778 / 236
Highways Hwy 37

Meziadin Junction (/mɪˈzədɪn/) sits about 50 miles (80 km) north of the Nass River crossing on Highway 37. As stated the road splits in its journey from Terrace to Dease Lake, with one branch heading over Bear Pass to Stewart, BC, and terminating at Hyder, Alaska.

Meziadin Junction is a work camp used by highway workers and loggers. A restaurant and gas bar are located there. Many old cars end up there, as with ruined tires. Across the highway is the park at Meziadin Lake a wonderfully beautiful location. Meziadin Junction really is the edge of civilization with the road north going through hundreds of kilometers of wilderness.

The highway north was unpaved from many years after its completion in 1972, and the local lava beds were terrible on tires. The highway has since been paved.


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