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Pandhayam Movie.jpg
Directed by S. A. Chandrasekhar
Produced by Shoba Chandrashekhar
Written by S. A. Chandrasekhar
Screenplay by S. A. Chandrasekhar
Starring Vijay
Nithin Sathya
Sindhu Tolani
Prakash Raj
Meghna Naidu
Music by Vijay Antony
Cinematography Srinivas Devamsam
Edited by J. N. Harsha
Distributed by Nemichand Jhabak
Release date
19 September 2008
Country India
Language Tamil

Pandhayam (Tamil: பந்தயம்; English: Bet) is a Tamil film directed by S. A. Chandrasekhar starring Vijay did a guest role as himself. Nithin Sathya, Sindhu Tolani.


The story- A local thug and criminal who kills people like mosquitoes Masanam (Prakash Raj) slowly rises up the ranks to be a Minister. We have Shakthivel (Nithin Sathya) a die-hard fan of actor Vijay who studies in a city college. He falls in love with the wicked minister's sister Thulasi (Sindhu Tolani) and challenges him (he has a reason for that) and a cat and mouse game ensues. What follows is a series of incidents between the two that leads to a melodramatic climax.[1]


Special Appearances :

  • Vijay as himself
  • Perarasu as himself
  • Rajkapoor as himself
  • Meghna Naidu special appearance in the song "Lusimbara"
  • O Podu Rani as Chinna Maami, special appearance in the song "Chinna Maamiye"
  • Ashok Raja special appearance in the song "Chinna Maamiye"
  • S. A. Chandrasekhar special appearance in the song "Chinna Maamiye"


The soundtrack consists of 5 songs composed by Vijay Antony.[2] It features remixes of the songs "Surangani" and "Chinna Maamiye".[3]

  • "Ammane" - Belly Raj, Nitesh Gopalan, Vinitha
  • "Chinna Maamiye" - MK Balaji,Vinaya, Christopher, Shobha
  • "Kadhal Theeviravathi" - Vinaya, Jeydev
  • "Surangani" - MK Balaji, Maya, Megha
  • "Lusimbara" - Christopher, Ramya

Critical reception[edit]

Behindwoods wrote "There is no singular theme or accent in Pandhayam and the film abounds in illogical narrations."[4] Rediff wrote "Watch Pandhayam if you've challenged your friends about sitting through a ridiculous movie. Even then, you might end up losing."[5]


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