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Michael Sweeney is the former mayor of Hayward, California, reelected to the office in 2010. His term expires in 2014.[1] He served on the City Council starting in 1982, was reelected in 1986, and elected mayor for the first time in 1990. His current period holding the office dates from his 2006 election. He has an MA in political science from California State University, Hayward and is the executive director of Spectrum Community Services, a nonprofit social service organization in Hayward.[2][3][4] Sweeney previously served as representative for California's 18th State Assembly district, having been elected in 1994, and serving until 1998.[5] In August 2013, Sweeney announced he would not seek re-election in the 2014 California elections.[6] His successor Barbara Halliday, took over as mayor on July 2014.[7]


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