Mickey Finn's T-Rex

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Mickey Finn's T-Rex
Also known as T-Rex, T. Rex - The Band, T. Rex (A Celebration of Marc and Mickey)
Origin England
Genres Glam rock, rock
Years active 1997–present
Labels Spectra, Angel Air
Associated acts T. Rex, The Pretty Things, Carmen, Christie, Smokie, Saxon
Website t-rex.co.uk
Members Paul Fenton
Tony Allday
Dave Major
Linda Dawson
Graham Oliver
Jay Spargo
Teri Sullivan
Past members Mickey Finn
Jack Green
Rob Benson
Alan Silson

Mickey Finn's T-Rex are a band formed in 1998 by former T. Rex member Mickey Finn. They have been regularly touring worldwide since their formation, despite Finn's death in 2003.



In September 1997, former T. Rex members Mickey Finn, Jack Green, and drummer Paul Fenton were invited by Mick Gray (a.k.a. Marmalade), former T.Rex tour manager, to The Marc Bolan Anniversary Concert to celebrate Marc's 50th birthday, taking place at the Cambridge Corn Exchange, where Gray was manager. Prior to this, Gray had taken former road manager Mick O'Halloran to visit Mickey Finn at his home (Gray and Finn had remained good friends through the years) to persuade him to attend the Cambridge bash. This idea was Gray's brainchild to celebrate Bolan's 50th birthday. Other artists appearing included John's Children and Rolan Bolan with T.Rextasy being the house band and paid £1,500 for the privilege by the organiser. Drummer Bill Legend was invited to appear, but didn't show on the night due to ongoing personal problems. Finn, Fenton, and Green were overwhelmed with the support at that gig, so they decided to form Mickey Finn's T. Rex. The line-up was Finn (congas), Fenton (drums), Green (guitar and vocals), Dave Major (keyboards), and Tony Allday (bass guitar). One year later, Rob Benson, a lifelong fan of T. Rex, went to see the reformed band in Northampton's Chicago Rock cafe. He met the band afterward and was asked to send an audition tape after claiming to be able to sing like Marc Bolan. The band's manager Barry Newby decided that the voice was essential to the T. Rex sound and, after hearing Rob's tape, invited him to a further audition; soon he was asked to be lead vocalist. The band renamed themselves Mickey Finn's T-Rex, and acquired the legal trademark rights for the "T-Rex" bandname. In 1999, guitarist Jack Green (who had played in T.Rex in 1973-1974) left and was replaced by founding member of Smokie Alan Silson.

Early touring and albums[edit]

With a more complete sound, the band started a tour of Germany in 1999. Shortly afterwards they embarked on a full-scale tour of Japan. In 2002, the band released an album called Renaissance and a live DVD titled Back In Business. In January 2008 the band released Classic Hits on Spectra Records, who they'd recently signed with.

Finn's death[edit]

Mickey Finn died in January 2003. The future of the band became unsure, but they decided to continue without him, believing it to be Mickey's wish. The band changed their name to T. Rex (A Celebration of Marc and Mickey). In July 2008, the band reverted to Mickey Finn's T-Rex, with the blessing from Mickey's family for using his name. They also replaced Silson with Graham Oliver.

Recent events[edit]

The band continues to tour Europe, with a much heavier sound than T. Rex had originally. They play classic T. Rex songs from the 1970s. The only member now in the group that had any connection to T. Rex is drummer Paul Fenton. Teri Sullivan joined the band on 1 August as a background vocalist.

In 2008, a petition of around 1000 signatures signed by David Bowie, Roy Wood, Tony Visconti, and Bill Legend called for Paul Fenton to change the band's name to something other than "T. Rex (A Celebration of Marc and Mickey)" in order to make it clear that it was a tribute act, not the actual T. Rex.[1][2] Despite signing this petition, Bill Legend is currently touring Germany and Australia with a band called Bill Legend's T. Rex.[3]

Rob Benson left the band in January 2010. Jay Spargo became lead singer in May 2010.

Band members[edit]

Bold names indicate those who performed with T. Rex with Marc Bolan.

Current members
  • Paul Fenton – drums (1997–present)
  • Tony Allday – bass guitar (1997–present)
  • Dave Major – keyboards, vocals (1997–present)
  • Linda Dawson – backing vocals (2002–present)
  • Graham Oliver – guitars (2003–present)
  • Jay Spargo – lead vocals (2010–present)
  • Teri Sullivan – backing vocals (2008–present)
Former members


  • Renaissance (2002)
  • Back In Business (2003)
  • Classic Hits (2008)


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