Mid-Yare National Nature Reserve

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Mid-Yare NNR is a national nature reserve in Norfolk, east of Norwich, established by English Nature and managed by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB). In RSPB publications, this reserve is known as Strumpshaw Fen.

The reserve consists of floodplains along the River Yare, and the total area is 7.8 km2. It centres on the Strumpshaw area.

The alder carr and willow carr support the swallowtail butterfly and the Norfolk hawker dragonfly Aeshna isosceles, as well as marsh harriers, bearded tits and most of the country's Cetti's warblers.

The wet grasslands hold internationally important numbers of wigeon, nationally important numbers of European white-fronted goose, and Britain's largest flock of bean goose, as well as northern lapwing, common redshank and common snipe.

The RSPB controls the water levels, maintains the dykes, cuts the reed beds and keeps disturbance of the wildlife to a minimum.


Coordinates: 52°35′35″N 1°28′23″E / 52.593°N 1.473°E / 52.593; 1.473