Mid-South Conference (MHSAA)

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Mid South Conference
Association MHSAA
Division (class) D
Members 7
Sports fielded Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Track and Field, Golf (men's: 4; women's: 4)
Region South/Central Michigan
Headquarters Marshall, Michigan
Commissioner Lonnie Newland
Mid South Conference locations

The Mid-South Conference (MSC) is an athletic conference affiliated with the MHSAA.[1] All schools are Class D (small school). Members are located in Michigan.

Full members[edit]

Institution Location Affiliation Nickname Class Enrollment Colors
Rudolf Steiner School Ann Arbor, Michigan Private[2] Storm D 99          
Calhoun Christian School Battle Creek, Michigan Private[3] Cougars D 55          
Will Carleton Academy Hillsdale, Michigan Public charter school[4](academy) Cougars D 68               
New Covenant Christian Lansing, Michigan Private[5] Warriors D 25               
Marshall Academy Marshall, Michigan Public charter school Griffons D 61          
Pansophia Academy Coldwater, Michigan Public charter school Pumas D 103          
Jackson Preparatory and Early College Jackson, Michigan Public charter school Falcons C 247               

Note: enrollments taken from 2017-18 MHSAA enrollment listing (grades 9-12)

Past members[edit]

Institution Location Affiliation Nickname Class Enrollment Colors Left Conference
Washtenaw Christian Academy Saline, Michigan Private (academy) Wildcats D 51           2008
Hillsdale Academy Hillsdale, Michigan Private (academy) Colts D 67           2009
Holt Lutheran School* Holt, Michigan Private/Lutheran Hawks D 25           2012

*It is currently unclear if Holt Lutheran is in the conference due to major staff changes and low enrollment in their athletic programs, because of this they haven't been able to fully participate in most varsity sports.


The Mid South Conference competes in boys and girls soccer and basketball and girls volleyball. In 2015, teams competed in an inaugural conference cross country meet.


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