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Michael Papadjanian, or Mikayel (Yerevan 1868 – Tiflis 1929) was a member of Armenian national liberation movement who studied law at Rostov, Odessa and St Petersburg, and had a practice as a barrister at Baku.[1]

He was a member of Armenian national activities during the Armenian–Tatar massacres 1905-1907. Married an oil heiress in 1907. He became an Armenian member of the Fourth State Duma in 1912. He also elected to become a members of the Ozakom, March 1917. He established the eastern equivalent of the Ramkavars under the name Zhoghovrdakan (Populist) party in 1917. Participated in the Russian Armenian National Congress, October 1917; he and the other members of the Ozakom were criticised for ineffectiveness. Negotiated at treaty of Batum on May–June 1918 and signed the treaty.

After declaration of Democratic Republic of Armenia he was assigned to Paris Peace Conference as a member of the delegation of the Republic of Armenia, he become member of central executive of Armenian General Benevolent Union. In 1929 delegated by his party to discuss with Soviet Armenian government the re-establishment of ties between Eastern and Western Armenians.


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