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Coordinates: 39°47′2.27″N 84°11′32.86″W / 39.7839639°N 84.1924611°W / 39.7839639; -84.1924611 Mike-sell's Potato Chip Company is a Dayton, Ohio-based producer of potato chips and other snack foods. It bills itself as the "oldest continuous operating potato chip company in the United States."[1][2][3] Mike-sells products are produced in Dayton and Indianapolis, Indiana. Potato chips are still being produced at the same Dayton location that was used when the company first started.[2] Mike-sell's products are available in retail markets in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, West Virginia, Tennessee, and most recently Michigan. They may also be ordered online from the company's website and shipped anywhere outside the company's retail area.

Mike-sell's was founded by Daniel W. Mikesell in Dayton, Ohio in 1910 as a producer of dried beef and sausage. However, the company soon began producing "Saratoga Chips." The "Mike-sell's" name and logo were adopted in 1925.[4]

Varieties produced by the company include Original, Groovy (ridged), Old Fashioned, Reduced Fat, No Salt, Green Onion, Honey Barbecue, Barbecue, Cheddar & Sour Cream, Hoppin' Hot Habanero, Sour Cream & Sweet Onion, and Salt & Cracked Pepper. Mike-sell's makes other products, including pretzels and hull-less "Puffcorn Delites." Puffcorn Delites are made in four flavors—original, cheese, movie theater butter, and caramel.

Mike-sell's potato chips are often found in chicken dinners, pork dinners, and other meals benefiting local organizations.[5]


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