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Miki & Griff were a British country music duo, who had several hit singles on the UK Singles Chart in the late 1950s and early 1960s.[1]

Their actual names were Barbara Macdonald and Emyr Morus Griffith; Barbara (née Salisbury)[1] was Scottish and Emyr was Welsh. They first met while singing in the George Mitchell Choir in 1947-48. After leaving the group, they sang with Johnny Dennis & the Ranchers, and wed in 1950.[2] While doing variety shows with Max Bygraves, they began using the name Miki & Griff, and did comedy skits in addition to pop and country music.

Lonnie Donegan discovered the duo and had them record with Pye Records; in addition to singing with Donegan on his self-titled release, they also released several singles which enjoyed chart success in Britain. They toured America in 1964, including performances at the Grand Ole Opry, though they never really broke into the US market. They continued to tour into the 1970s; Barbara (born 22 June 1920)[1] died on 20 April 1989;[1] Emyr (born 9 May 1923) died on 24 September 1995.[1]

Charting singles[edit]

  • "Hold Back Tomorrow" (1959) UK No. 26[3]
  • "Rockin' Alone" (1960) UK No. 44
  • "A Little Bitty Tear" (1962) UK No. 16
  • "I Want to Stay Here" (1963) UK No. 23[1]


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