Milan Poparić

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Milan Poparić
Born 1978 (age 37–38) or 1979 (age 36–37)
Nationality Bosnian
Allegiance Pink Panthers

Milan Poparić (born 1978/1979) is a Bosnian criminal, primarily a jewel thief.[1] He is known for a dramatic escape from prison in July 2013. He has been identified by police as a member of a gang of jewel thieves called the Pink Panthers.[2]


Poparić is a known member and suspected leader[3] of the international gang of jewel thieves called the Pink Panthers, who were given that name after hiding a diamond in face cream, similar to a theft portrayed in the movie The Return of the Pink Panther.[4][5] The Pink Panthers have been said to have stolen around $436 million since 1999.[1]

Poparić was imprisoned for a sentence of six years and eight months in 2009 for the robbery of Swiss jewelry in the city of Neuchatel.[6] He was imprisoned in Orbe[1] but not in the high-security area; a communication officer in the prison said, "We were never told...that Poparic was a member of Pink Panther group"[7] and that had they known, he would have been kept in a different section.[7]


Poparić escaped with Adrian Albrecht, a Swiss man accused of robbery, arson, and money laundering.[1] The escape involved two accomplices outside of the prison who rammed the prison gate and subdued the guards by firing AK-47s.[1] The guards were armed with "simple handguns", to which the AK-47s were superior.[8] Poparić and Albrecht then climbed over the barbed wire with ladders brought by the accomplices,[2] got into a van, and left.[3]

Poparić was the third member of the Pink Panthers to escape from a prison in Switzerland between May and July 2013, and his escape was described as having "resembled a scene out of a summer action film".[9]


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