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Milan Mela (Bengali: মিলন মেলা) is the primary exhibition and convention centre for Kolkata, India. With 31,894 sq. metres of exhibition space, it is Kolkata's largest exhibition centre.[1] It is owned and managed by the West Bengal Trade Promotion Organisation (WBTPO), Government of West Bengal.

WBTPO is an initiative by West Bengal State's Commerce and Industries Department with the prime objective to promote trade, commerce and business opportunities for West Bengal. The idea was then germinated by West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation (WBIDC) and Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) and they jointly formed WBTPO.

Milan Mela complex is spread over 18.40 acres with fully developed utilities and infrastructure to meet demands of power, water supply and compressed air supply within the exhibition halls to facilitate major industrial trade fairs/exhibitions. It's one of the largest convention centres in India.

The area is divided into two parts, Phase I and Phase II.

Phase I is a combination of both indoor and outdoor space. The covered exhibition space has 4 large halls, each measuring 1183.5 m2 along with an Open Paved Area of 26300 m2, Open Air Theatre of 567 m2, Food Court measuring 792 m2. It also has well built gate complex and registration plaza and car park to accommodate more than 2000 vehicles.

Phase II is approximately built over 24686 m2 (2,65,621 sq.ft) of open area has been, developed as open type fair ground with demarcated plots developed on a landscape 24686 m2 for setting up temporary stalls and booths, Office-Cum-Conference Building – 460 m2, 9 food kiosks, pathways, toilet blocks, green pockets and car parking areas.


Milan Mela was built in 2008[2] with the purpose of providing a trade fair complex to promote trade and industry, art and culture and other services in the State of West Bengal. WBTPO also planned to organize national and international trade fairs, exhibitions and conferences and other events for promotion of art and culture, other services, recreation, etc., and to construct/set up, maintain and operate Exhibition complexes in West Bengal for holding local, national and international exhibitions in such complexes or elsewhere in the state for promotion of trade and industry. The government also hoped to promote the trade fair complex developed in Milan Mela along with other allied facilities in India and overseas to invite participation for holding events ranging from small meetings to large fairs. Milan Mela was also designed to display items ranging from handicrafts to heavy machinery, printing and printing machinery, auto shows etc.[3]


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