Milk Em'

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"Milk Em'"
Ghostface Killah - Milk Em.jpg
Single by Ghostface Killah & Trife da God
from the album Put It on the Line
Released May, 03, 2005[1]
Format vinyl, 12"
Recorded 2005 (2005)
Genre Hip hop
Label Sound in Color
Ghostface Killah chronology
"Milk Em"
"Be Easy"
Trife Da God singles chronology
"Ooh Wee"
"Milk Em' "
"Be Easy"

"Milk Em" is the only single by Ghostface Killah and his protégé Trife da God off the collaborative album Put It on the Line.


Milk Em' was released as a single on independent record label Sound in Color.[2] The single was released using five different producers each putting their own individual beat behind Ghost and Trife's rhymes.[2]

Track listings[edit]

A Side[edit]

  1. Milk Em' (Benny Cassette Version)
  2. Milk Em' (Benny Cassette Version Instrumental)
  3. Milk Em' (Strange Fruit Project Version)
  4. Milk Em' (Strange Fruit Project Version Instrumental)

B Side[edit]

  1. Milk Em' (Exile Version)
  2. Milk Em' (Exile Version Instrumental)
  3. Milk Em' (MHE Version)
  4. Milk Em' (Ricci Rucker Version)


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