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Miller & Martin PLLC
Headquarters Chattanooga, Tennessee
No. of offices 3
No. of attorneys approximately 130
Major practice areas General Practice
Key people Jim Haley, Chairman
Date founded 1867
Company type Professional Limited liability company

Miller & Martin PLLC is a large Southeastern law firm with offices in Atlanta, Georgia, and Nashville, Tennessee, and Chattanooga, Tennessee. In 2008, the firm was ranked the 214th largest law firm in the U.S. by the National Law Journal. The firm employs over 130 attorneys and a similar number of support staff.

Miller & Martin's practice was founded in 1867 in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Many of its early clients, such as the original bottler of Coca-Cola, have evolved from local concerns into global enterprises. Miller & Martin is a member of the World Law Group—an international network of independent law firms.


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