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Modillions under the cornice of the Morgan, Leith, and Cook Building in the East Portland Grand Avenue Historic District, Portland, Oregon

A modillion is an ornate bracket, more horizontal in shape and less imposing than a corbel. They are often seen underneath a cornice which it helps to support. Modillions are more elaborate than dentils (literally translated as small teeth).[1] All three are selectively used as adjectival historic past participles (corbelled, modillioned, dentillated) as to what co-supports or simply adorns any high structure of a building, such as a terrace of a roof (flat area of a roof), parapet, pediment/entablature, balcony, cornice band or roof cornice. Modillions occur classically under a Corinthian or a Composite cornice, but may support any type of eaves cornice.[2] They may be carved or plain.

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