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Mohamed Boudia (24 February 1932[1] – 28 June 1973) was an Algerian militant and member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). He was assassinated in a bomb attack by an Israeli hit team as part of Operation Wrath of God, due to his participation in armed attacks against Israeli civilians. At the time of his assassination, Boudia was the head of PFLP operations in Europe.[2] Boudia was replaced by Carlos the Jackal.[3]

Boudia had been a participant in the Algerian War, during which he had been jailed for an attack on a petrol depot in southern France. The end of the war and Algerian independence in 1962 led to his release, having spent three years in prison. Boudia was a playwright,[4] and after independence became director of Algeria's national theatre. He fled to France after Houari Boumediène seized power in June 1965. He ran a theatre in Paris, whilst beginning to work with figures such as Carlos the Jackal.[5]


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