Money, Marbles, and Chalk

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"Money, Marbles, and Chalk"
Song by Garner Eckler
Recorded 1949
Genre Popular song
Songwriter(s) Garner Eckler

"Money, Marbles, and Chalk" is a popular song, written by Garner "Pop" Eckler in 1949. Eckler also recorded the song, but the biggest-selling version was recorded by Patti Page in 1949, and issued by Mercury Records.[1] It entered the Billboard chart on April 23, 1949, at number 27, lasting only that one week.[2] The song also spent a week on the Billboard country music chart, at position number 15.

Several artists have recorded the song, including by a group called "Pop's Boys" in June 2009. The group is made up of two of Garner Eckler's nephews, Greg Eckler and Mike Fletcher.


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