Monster (Kellerman novel)

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Monster kellerman.jpg
First edition
Author Jonathan Kellerman
Country United States
Language English
Series Alex Delaware novels
Genre Mystery
Publisher Random House
Publication date
Media type Print (Hardcover)[1], ebook[2], Unabridged Cassette [3]
Pages 416 pp
ISBN 978-0-345-41387-1
OCLC 45253917
Followed by Dr. Death

Monster is a psychological thriller and murder mystery novel by Jonathan Kellerman. It is the fourteenth novel in the Alex Delaware series.

Plot introduction[edit]

The mutilated body of an aspiring actor is found in the trunk of a car parked near an industrial area. Weeks later, another body appears in similar condition at another location. This time the body is a female psychology doctor who was working in a state facility for psychotic criminals. One similarity of the mutilations is obvious. The eyes were targeted. The case goes to LAPD detective Milo Sturgis, assisted by Dr. Alex Delaware, an old friend and psychological consultant.

The two find out that similar eye mutilations were infamously performed in the case of a family mass murder some years ago, and the culprit is now in the same facility where the female doctor worked. The media had described him simply as a 'monster' following his arrest. Facing him, Milo and Alex find the 'monster' in a deteriorated condition locked within a highly secured cell. To add to the drama, the detectives get a tip-off that the killer, who hardly speaks, had said something that implied knowledge of the doctor's mutilated eyes.


  • Dr. Alex Delaware – psychologist
  • Milo Strugis – LAPD detective
  • Richard Dada – first murder victim
  • Dr. Claire Argrent – second murder victim
  • Ardis Peake alias 'monster' – prime suspect
  • Heidi Ott – employee in the facility for psychotic criminals