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Studio album by 40 Cal.
Released August 5, 2008 (2008-08-05)
Genre Rap
Label Gold Dust Media
40 Cal. chronology
Broken Safety 2
(2007)Broken Safety 22007

Mooga is the third album by the rapper 40 Cal., released August 5, 2008.

Track list[edit]

  1. 40 Intro (produced by M.G.I.)
  2. Shooters On Deck (produced by Trakdealas)
  3. On My Sh*t (featuring Sudaboss) (produced by Los)
  4. Movie Shoot (produced by Chinky P)
  5. Ten Stacks (produced by Chinky P)
  6. Rewind That (produced by Mel Staxx)
  7. Harlem Shuffle (featuring JR Writer)
  8. Hustlas Anthem (featuring S.A.S.) (produced by Srada)
  9. Googa Googa (produced by Konstantine Jones)
  10. Cuarenta (produced by Lounge Lizards)
  11. Spit How I Live It (produced by Doeboy)
  12. New Beginning (featuring Duke Da God) (produced by A the Arketek)
  13. Grown Man Bills
  14. Heartbeat (produced by GQ Beats)
  15. Heatin' Up (produced by Cookin' Soul)
  16. Memories (produced by X.O.)[1]