Moori Kobo

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Moori Kobo
Native name
Yūgen Kaisha Mōri Kōbō
Yūgen gaisha
Industry Billiard cues
Founded 1983 (1983)
Founder Hideo Moori
Headquarters Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Key people
Hideo Moori
Products Billiard cue stick tips

Moori Kobo (有限会社毛利工房, Yūgen Kaisha Mōri Kōbō) is a Japanese manufacturer of billiards and pool cue tips. Originally fabricated by hand by founder Hideo Moori in his home outside Tokyo, they are now produced in a factory. The tips are exclusively made from vegetable tanned pig skin, and consist of several thin layers bonded with an adhesive.

Moori was among the first to use a lamination technique to make a cue tip. Moori tips received their first major exposure during the WPA World Nine-ball Championship in October 1994, and prompted many other companies to begin manufacturing layered tips.

Currently, Moori makes tips in three degrees of hardness: slow (soft), medium, and quick (hard).