Melody of Murder

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The Melody of Murder
Mordets Melody.jpg
Front Cover of the Danish DVD
Directed by Bodil Ipsen
Written by Fleming Lynge
Tavs Neiiendam (radio play)
Starring Gull-Maj Norin
Poul Reichhardt
Angelo Bruun
Ib Schønberg
Music by Erik Fiehn
Cinematography Valdemar Christensen
Edited by Valdemar Christensen
Distributed by Nordisk Film
Release date
Running time
100 mins
Country Denmark
Language Danish

The Melody of Murder, (Original Title: Mordets Melodi), is a 1944 Danish film noir directed by Bodil Ipsen and starring Gull-Maj Norin and Poul Reichhardt. The dark tale revolves around a sexually ambiguous serial killer whose crimes are committed to a French cabaret song, and the police suspect a chanteuse who sings the same tune during her performances. Produced during the German occupation of Denmark in World War II, the film was praised by critics for its "stylish cinematography, thematic intensity, and dark vision of Copenhagen;"[1] and consider it one of the most influential Danish films of that period.



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