Raymond James Tower

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Raymond James Tower
Raymond James Building.png
Raymond James Tower
Former names Morgan Keegan Tower
General information
Architectural style Postmodern
Address 50 North Front Street
Town or city Memphis, Tennessee
Coordinates 35°08′50″N 90°03′10″W / 35.147183°N 90.052893°W / 35.147183; -90.052893
Current tenants Raymond James, KPMG
Completed 1985
Owner Madison Realties LLC.
Landlord Madison Realties LLC.
Height 396.0 feet (120.7 m)
Technical details
Structural system Steel
Floor count 21
Design and construction
Architecture firm 3D/International
Main contractor Lowery Companies, LLC.com

Raymond James Tower is a 21-story skyscraper and is the second tallest building in Memphis, Tennessee. The building is located at the corner of North Front Street and Jefferson Avenue and South Main Street. It is 403.0 feet (122.8 m) tall, including a 61.0 feet (18.6 m) spire, and has 334,668 square feet (31,091.7 m2) of office space.[1]

It is currently owned by Orlando, Florida based Parkway Properties, which has owned the building since 1997.[2] The company once owned six other buildings in Memphis, but has since sold them off.[3] As of July 2008, the building was 100% occupied.[4]


The building is clad in carmen red flame cut and polished granite, and is topped with a 61-foot spire, which is a distinctive feature of the Memphis skyline.

In a nod to the past, the four giant stone griffins — a mythological creature with the body of a lion and the wings and head of an eagle - that adorned the former Hotel King Cotton are displayed in the atrium of the Raymond James Tower.[5]


The site was previously occupied by the Hotel King Cotton, a 12-story high-rise hotel built in 1927. The building demolition was performed by Memphis Wrecking Company and Controlled Demolition, Inc. in April 1984.[6]

The building was developed by Lowery Companies, LLC.,[7] and was designed by 3D/International of Houston.

It is currently home to Raymond James, formerly known as Morgan Keegan & Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Raymond James Financial. Raymond James is the anchor tenant. Other tenants include KPMG, Dr. Kelli Dumas, the Downtown Dentist and several local law firms.

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