Motorists Mutual Building

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Motorists Mutual Building
Motorists Mutual.jpg
General information
Location471 East Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio
Coordinates39°57′48″N 82°59′16″W / 39.963392°N 82.987749°W / 39.963392; -82.987749Coordinates: 39°57′48″N 82°59′16″W / 39.963392°N 82.987749°W / 39.963392; -82.987749
Construction started1970
Roof286 ft (87 m)
Technical details
Floor count21
Design and construction
ArchitectMaddox NBD inc.

The Motorists Mutual Building is a 286 ft (87m) tall skyscraper located at 471 East Broad Street Columbus, Ohio. It was completed in 1973 and was designed by Brubaker/Brandt and Maddox NBD. It is the 18th tallest building in Columbus, has 21 floors, and 6 elevators. It is also the headquarters of the Motorists Mutual Insurance company.

The building follows the modern and international architectural styles and has a curtain wall facade system. The building overlooks Topiary Park, located 2 blocks south of the building. The park has a three-dimensional topiary model of the scene in George Seurat's painting Sunday Afternoon on the Island of Grand Jatte. The garden was also sponsored by Motorists Mutual.

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