Mount Kinbō (Kumamoto)

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Mount Kinbō
Mount Kinbou-zan (Kumamoto) 2.jpg
Viewed from the E.
Highest point
Elevation 665.2 m (2,182 ft)
Coordinates 32°48′50″N 130°38′20″E / 32.81389°N 130.63889°E / 32.81389; 130.63889Coordinates: 32°48′50″N 130°38′20″E / 32.81389°N 130.63889°E / 32.81389; 130.63889
Mountain type Composite volcano, Lava dome[1]
Last eruption 0.2 Ma BP
Easiest route Hike

Mount Kinbō (金峰山, Kinbō-san) or Mount Kinpō (金峰山, Kinpō-san) is a mountain in the west of Kumamoto city, Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan. It is an extinct caldera-type volcano. Mount Kinbō overlooks the city of Kumamoto and is used for sightseeing and for radio and TV broadcast antennas.


Older than nearby Mount Aso, it formed over the past 100 million years. Extensive volcanic activity took place 56 million years to 50 million years ago. The last eruption took place from 200,000 years to 150,000 years ago. In 1889 a 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck beneath the mountain. In 2016 the foreshock of the 2016 Kumamoto earthquakes also struck beneath Mount Kinbō.

Relief Map


Master swordsman Miyamoto Musashi wrote parts of his Book of Five Rings while staying on the mountain. Most of the mountain now lies within Kinpōzan Prefectural Natural Park.


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