Mr. Floppy's Flophouse

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Mr. Floppy's Flophouse was a mansion in East Oakland that at one time housed a bordello frequented by writer Jack London; in later years a picture of the writer was placed behind the elegant bar. In the early 1990s it was also the home to San Francisco's wildest underground party and rave. Mr. Floppy himself was said to be an elusive archeologist from Finland who, when not busy excavating an inverted pyramid thought to house the knowledge of all mankind, was hosting late night events in the bowels of one of Oakland's most notorious districts.

The flophouse had around 15-20 different rooms, with something different going on in each. In the main ballroom, DJ's and acts such as Olli Wisdom or Psychic TV would perform, while upstairs boasted any variety of acts ranging from a naked man playing sitar, to freestyle house, to a black light mushroom garden paradise.

The organizers were granted by the City of Oakland all needed permits to host the events. It was the goal of the organizers to provide a fun and safe atmosphere for it's patrons.

At dawn it was not uncommon for George, the owner of the property, to appear in a wizard cape serving shrimp cups or noodle soups from behind his piano.[1]

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