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For the American singer sometimes called Mr. Biggs, see Ronald Isley.
The correct title of this article is the ungrammatical Mr Bigg's, rather than Mr. Bigg's. This is supported by the website and logo.
Mr. Bigg's
Industry Restaurants
Founded 1973 in Nigeria
Headquarters Ojota, Lagos State
Key people
Mr. Derrick Van Houten (Managing Director), Mr Larry Ettah(Chairman)
Products Fast food, including Nigerian delicacies and UAC Foods-branded products
Slogan What a delicious experience

Mr. Bigg's is one of Nigeria's first[citation needed] chain of fast food restaurants. Owned by conglomerate United African Company of Nigeria PLC, there are currently around 170 locations in Nigeria, including the country's first drive-through restaurant, with another four locations in Ghana.[1]

A Mr. Biggs store

The restaurant is styled after McDonald's, and is known for its red and yellow colour scheme and meat pies. Mr. Bigg's history begins with the coffee shops inside Kingsway Department Stores in the 1960s. In 1973, these shops were rebranded as Kingsway Rendezvous, which became Mr. Bigg's in 1986. The chain saw rapid expansion after becoming one of the first Nigerian companies to sell franchises to investors.[1]

Mr. Bigg's specialty is the meat pie. A common lunch might also include scotch eggs, a sugared donut, chicken, and a soft drink. While western fare such as hamburgers is served, Nigerian delicacies such as jollof rice and moin moin are more popular[citation needed]. Birthday cakes are also a popular product, and Mr. Bigg's bakery offers cakes and pastries.[2]


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