Mucilago crustacea

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Mucilago crustacea
Mucilago c. sencer.JPG
Scientific classification
M. crustacea
Binomial name
Mucilago crustacea
P. Micheli ex F.H. Wigg

Mucilago crustacea is a form of slime mould, in the monotypic genus Mucilago, in the family Didymiidae.[1] Due to its visual resemblance to canine vomit,[2] it is known colloquially as the "dog sick slime mould"[3] or "dog sick fungus",[4] albeit that slime moulds are not true fungi.[4]

The fruiting body is yellow to white, becoming paler with time, and then blackening.[3]

It usually occurs on damp grass.[2] The species and genus were described by P. Micheli ex F.H. Wigg.[2][5]


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