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Multitasker is a Palm OS program that allows multiple BASIC programs to be run at the same time. The current version, 1.0C, supports up to 10 applications running simultaneously.

The number of applications compatible with Multitasker is limited, in part because of the difficulty of writing compatible applications. Multitasker implements cooperative multitasking, and runs parts of each program as subroutines of the central "multitasking manager"

Multitasker has been released in several iterations. Multitasker 0.5 was capable of running only two applications, and was designed primarily for developers. Multitasker 0.9 incorporated more features for users, such as a system for detecting malfunctioning applications. Multitasker 0.99 was labeled as an incremental change, but in fact contains many modifications, such as 3D graphics support. Multitasker 1.0C is capable of running up to 10 applications at once, and also includes the "Niagra" window manager and force-feedback capabilities.