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Coordinates: 53°43′08″N 1°41′38″W / 53.719°N 1.694°W / 53.719; -1.694

 • 1921 4,992 acres (20.20 km2)
 • 1961 8,251 acres (33.39 km2)
 • 1921 31,117
 • 1971 40,683
 • Origin Cleckheaton, Gomersal and Liversedge Urban Districts
 • Created 1915
 • Abolished 1974
 • Succeeded by Kirklees
Status Urban district (1915 - 1955), municipal borough (1955 on)
Government Spenborough Urban District Council (1915 - 1955), Spenborough Corporation (1955 - 1974)
 • HQ Spenborough Town Hall, Cleckheaton
 • Motto Industry Enriches

Spenborough was, from 1915 to 1974, a local government district in the administrative county of Yorkshire, West Riding, England.

Spenborough was created as an urban district in 1915 by the merger of Cleckheaton, Gomersal and Liversedge urban districts.[1] The amalgamation was carried out on the instigation of Cleckheaton Urban District Council, in order to resist plans by the County Borough of Bradford to annex the area. The name "Spenborough", after the River Spen, was also suggested by Cleckheaton UDC.[2] The district was expanded in 1937 by taking in the abolished Birkenshaw and Hunsworth urban districts, as well as part of the parishes of Clifton and Hartshead from the Halifax Rural District.[1] Attempts to incorporate neighbouring Heckmondwike which is considered to be in the Spen Valley area, were never successful.

On 29 July 1955 it was granted a charter of incorporation creating it a municipal borough.[3]

In 1974 Spenborough was abolished under the Local Government Act 1972, with its area forming part of the Metropolitan Borough of Kirklees, West Yorkshire. Today, Kirklees Council recognises the former Spenborough borough area, with neighbouring Heckmondwike, as the Spen Valley Locality in its structure.


Despite the borough's abolition in 1974, the name continues in use in the area. Examples are the Spenborough Guardian, a Cleckheaton-based local newspaper, the Spenborough Swimming Pool and Sports Complex and the Spenborough and District Athletic Club, both in Liversedge.[4] [5] [6]

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