Murder (Peruvian law)

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Murder in Peru is classified into three major categories:

  • Murder with Special Circumstances is murder committed with aggravating circumstances, murder of special persons, or multiple murders. Special circumstances include:
    • if it is committed for pay or other reward, or other vile motive
    • if its motivation is futile
    • if committed with the use of poison, fire, explosive, asphyxia, torture, or other cruel or insidious mean, or of any mean that may ** result in danger to other
    • if committed by treachery, ambush, dissimulation, or other means that turn defense difficult or impossible
    • it committed to ensure the execution, ocultation, impunity, or profit of other crime.

Is punishable with life sentence or no less than 15 years in prison

  • Murder with No Special Circumstances is premeditated murder or non-premeditated murder with no special circumstances and is punishable with 6 to 35 years in prison.
  • Manslaughter is any form of voluntary or involuntary homicide and is punishable with a maximum of 20 years imprisonment.[1]

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