Murder of Blake and Mary-Jo Hadley

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The murders of Blake and Mary-Jo Hadley occurred on July 16, 2011, in Port St. Lucie, Florida. Tyler Hadley, their son, was convicted of the murder.



Shortly before 5:00 p.m., Tyler took his parents' cell phones. He took three pills of ecstasy and then went to stand behind his mother, Mary-Jo while she worked at the family computer for five minutes. He then began to beat her to death with a hammer. Hearing Mary-Jo's screams, Blake emerged from the bedroom and rushed to the scene and saw Tyler. They stared at each other for several moments before he beat his father to death. He spent three hours cleaning up the blood before hosting a party. He hid their bodies in the master bedroom.[1]


Some time after the murders, Tyler made a Facebook post letting people know that he was having a party that night. He then stopped at an ATM and then picked up some friends. About 60 people gathered for the party, playing beer pong, smoking cigars and drinking. That night, Tyler told his best friend, Michael Mandell, that he bludgeoned his parents with a hammer. He showed Michael the master bedroom and the blood that was in the room. After processing what had happened, Michael took a picture with Tyler thinking he was never going to see him again. News of the crime was then spread by word of mouth. Hadley was arrested early the next morning.


During his teenage years, Tyler began skipping school and taking drugs. He had mental health problems; his parents took him to a psychiatrist and an outpatient mental health and substance abuse program.[2]


Tyler was 17 and could not be sentenced to death by Florida law. In 2014, he was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole.[3]

In April 2016, his sentencing was overturned by an appeal judge who stated the lower court "did not consider the correct alternative to a life sentence".[4]

In December 2018, Hadley was resentenced to life in prison, but this time with the possibility of parole. [5]

Hadley is currently imprisoned in the Okeechobee Correctional Institution.[6]


In April 2015, the Hadley house was demolished.[7]


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