Murphy's Hotel

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Early Postcard of Murphy Hotel and Annex
Old Postcard With Dirigible

The Murphy Hotel (or Murphy's Hotel) was once a leading hotel in downtown Richmond, Virginia. Its location was at the corner of 8th and Broad Streets and for the last decade was known as the Commonwealth of Virginia's Eighth Street Office Building. The building shared a block with the Hotel Richmond, also known as the state's Ninth Street office building, and St. Peter's Church. The building was deconstructed in late 2007 to give way to a modern high-rise that will house offices for the Commonwealth of Virginia.


The original hotel was built in 1872. In 1886, all new buildings and elevated walkway over 8th Street were completed. The hotel was completely torn down in 1913 and replaced with a larger 12- story building. The hotel was later sold to the state, and in 1969 was converted to offices. It was demolished in 2007.[1]


Photos of Murphy's Hotel & its demolition