Music for the Mature B-Boy

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Music for the Mature B-Boy
Music For The Mature B-Boy Cover.jpg
Studio album by DJ Format
Released 25 March 2003
Genre Hip hop
Length 45:38
Label Genuine
Producer DJ Format
DJ Format chronology
Music For the Mature B-Boy
If You Can't Join 'Em… Beat 'Em
(2005)If You Can't Join 'Em… Beat 'Em2005

Music for the Mature B-Boy is the first studio album by DJ Format.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Intro
  2. "Ill Culinary Behaviour" (featuring Abdominal)
  3. "We Know Something You Don't Know" (featuring Chali 2na & Akil)
  4. "Last Bongo In Brighton (Remix)"
  5. "The Hit Song" (featuring Abdominal)
  6. "Here Comes The Fuzz"
  7. "B-Boy Code Pt.2" (featuring Fatski)
  8. "Vicious Battle Raps" (featuring Abdominal)
  9. "Charity Shop Sound Clash" (featuring Aspects)
  10. "Little Bit Of Soul"
  11. "English Lesson (Remix)"


UK singles with release dates:


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